Essence of Mind

‎Janseen (Simone) Walsh
(Founder/Creative Director)

Multi-passionate Entrepreneur, Fashion Designer and Community Activist, Simone Walsh is driven by a deep desire to transform the lives of individuals and provide the tools for them to uproot the blocks that are keeping them from living their best lives.

Creation is at the core of Simone’s transformative mission, as she believes in affecting other’s lives through multiple touch points. Graduating with a degree in fashion design, the talented creator launched her line Mo’knotic (meaning “having the power to attract”) in 2002 to help women reinvent themselves from the outside in. While helping to make women over on the surface, her mission is also to inspire others to make it through tough times that may make them feel like giving up. At a point in her life, Simone too wanted to give up after suffering through harassment and bullying. The experience left her depressed, but through treatment and the will of God, Simone was able to recognize that she was meant for more and God’s plan for her is to share her story. Drawing from her experiences, she turned to her pen to create a memoir of the trials & tribulations of her life. She is set to release a book of poetry and then her first novel in 2015.

Leveraging her diploma in administration, Simone strategically built Essence of Mind Outreach Program to focus on providing the tools and resources to individuals and families suffering from a mental illness. The program’s goal is to be at the frontier in helping to end the stigma of mental illness in our communities and beyond. The venture targets individuals and families who are suffering from a mental illness and utilizes multiple platforms to reach these individuals: wellness activities, seminars, events, etc.

Recognized for her strength to share her story on recovery, Simone was nominated as a finalist along with 25 other young woman on The post featured 25 women who are helping to give hope. The work of Essence of Mind outreach Program has been recognized by the House of Commons and a plaque was received from the MP of Brampton for the outstandingly good work the organization is doing. Simone also was recently notified as being the recipient of the “Woman of Courage” award from the IWAA. Her inspirational message and fashion designs have been featured in such outlets as Rogers Television, SNAP magazine and the Brampton Guardian newspaper.

Sylvia Walsh
(Co-Founder/Vice President)

Sylvia is an Registered Practical Nurse who thrives on helping and assisting others reach their goals. She collaborated with Simone in bringing this organization to fulfillment because it is a desire to see help and attention be given towards such a delicate issue.

As the Vice President of this organization, Sylvia oversees plans and missions and represents the President in her absences. Besides this project, Sylvia is a volunteer with the Canadian Diabetes Association. She helps to educate others in many ways to monitor their health.

Selvin Williams
(Treasurer/Sponsorship Director)

Selvin is the Regional Facilities Manager within the Public Sector. His responsibilities include the management of people and resources to achieve his programs priorities. He also sits on the Board of Directors for an organization providing housing and support to those affected by addiction and mental illness. He brings excellent mentoring, business and project management skills to his role within Essence of mind. He is a strong believer in facilitating the human potential.